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Choosing the right fork lift trucks for your business

We’re excited to have our site up and running, and ready to welcome our customers by offering you a great range of affordable used forklifts as well as top-class customer service and advice from the experts. The first thing to consider is choosing the right type of forklift for your business; we offer an extensive range of different models, makes, capacities and lift heights. Traders working with plenty of space often choose counterbalance or reach trucks… however, we specialise in forklifts for businesses with a little less room to manouevre. Whether it’s because of compact premises, or simply because you’ve chosen to maximise revenue by using every available inch, a flexi forklift might be the answer. Maybe you’ve never had the room before, or thought the budget wouldn’t stretch to a fleet of forklifts? Well, we think an articulated bendi forklift might be the answer. Perfect for narrow aisles, they make the most of the space you’ve got available, increasing efficiency by making it easier to manouevre neatly. That means maximum productivity, impressive storage capacity, and no aisle space wasted.

Maybe you’ve chosen the fork lift that would suit your business best. For the right product at the right price, perhaps buying second-hand could be the answer. By buying used with us, you can enjoy peace of mind and save money. If you’re looking for the best forklift trucks, at the right price, we think you’ve come to the right place.

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