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Uncertainty of Thorough Examination Responsibilities

Nationwide research has revealed that over 80% of supervisors and managers surveyed incorrectly hold their materials handling provider at least partially accountable for ensuring their Used Bendi or Used Flexi Forklift truck holds a current Report of Thorough Examination.

Alarmingly, 30% of surveyed people who look after operations and warehousing of one or more Bendi or Flexi fork lift trucks, believed that their service provider as the truck’s owner would be solely responsible for this essential task. This is not the case.

It is important to note that when a truck is leased or rented on a long-term basis, this responsibility remains with the employer of the driver.  He or she must make certain that a current and valid Thorough Examination Certificate is in place and available for inspection. Any change to this, making the maintenance service provider responsible, should be included in the maintenance contract.

There is a requirement under PUWER 98 for all work equipment to be regularly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and under LOLER 98 for lifting equipment to be thoroughly examined to ensure it remains in a safe condition.

Fork lift truck users should ensure that their lift trucks have been thoroughly examined by a Competent Person within the previous 12 months (or sooner depending on the operational conditions).

Training Regulation Statistics

There are many hundreds of thousands of workers in the UK which could be at risk of a serious accident due to inadequate training in working near used bendi or flexi forklifts and most other used forklift. These findings were revealed by the Fork Lift Truck Association every year, at least 5 employees are killed by forklifts and at least 500 are hospitalised with major injuries including amputations and crushing. Over 3000 thousand more suffer accidents requiring at least three days’ recovery or hosiptol time. Data from the Office for National Statistics discovered that one in 12 UK employees regularly works near used forklifts, but fewer than half of these receive the minimum recommended training for their job.

Bexi Limited will run in house and onsite courses at extremely affordable prices to promote not only safer working environments, but offer a complete understanding of how used bendi and used flexi forklift can help the business but also it will make sure this inadequate training practise is eliminated and eradicated.

Is There Such a Thing as a Forklift Driver’s Licence?

First of all, there is no such thing as a forklift driver’s licence, as there is no central forklift authority. However, every employer has the legal responsibility to provide their employees with the appropriate forklift truck training to adhere to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation (1998).

Every forklift driver must be efficiently trained in their operational field and, following training from an in-house trainer or external trainer, the forklift driver will then receive a certificate or another form of documentation to prove they have the legal right to drive a forklift truck, such as a Flexi forklift.

The training provider is the person responsible for issuing a forklift truck certificate or document, and this should state the training given to the forklift driver.

An employer is also required to give their employee an individual written authority document which is the closest documentation to a licence; however, it is not a licence. Therefore, the employer is determining how long the authority remains valid for.

Here at Bexi we have extensive knowledge and experience in the forklift industry, so you can trust our advice. We can also provide you with used forklift trucks which perform efficiently and effectively, but don’t include the new forklift price tag. Therefore, you should take a look at our high quality ranges of Flexi forklifts and Bendi forklift trucks which are ideal for use in a variety of depots, including warehouses and factories.

How to Adhere to Forklift Truck Regulations

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment regulation is a legal requirement which all employers must adhere to when employing forklift drivers. The law ultimately requires that forklift trucks must be suitable for its function and should only be operated by those who have been trained in the area of use. The manufacturer’s instructions must also be given to all the forklift drivers and the forklift truck should be fitted with the appropriate guarding and controls. It is also imperative that the forklift truck adheres to the written instructions when appropriate.

All forklift drivers must also receive appropriate training from an accredited forklift training provider. Every employee operating a forklift truck must also be physically able to do so. Depots, such as factories and warehouses, must also have a working area that is designed for forklift truck use, as well as pedestrian and forklift crossing points. In some cases, it might be beneficial to incorporate a people prohibited area, and considerations of widths and heights should be accounted for. It is also essential that an employer incorporates clear signs and markings of barriers and structures in areas which are subject to seldom or frequent movements.

Here at Bendi Trucks we are a leading provider of used forklift trucks, such as Bendi forklift trucks and Flexi forklifts. Therefore, you can trust in our advice and information. However, we advise you read further for more details regarding regulations and forklift truck operations.

Do I Need a Qualification to Operate a Forklift?

It is against the law for anyone to operate a forklift truck without a qualification, as it is imperative that a person learns the basics of using a forklift to ensure they operate this machinery safely and effectively. Anyone that operates a forklift truck without an accredited qualification is ultimately breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act, as employers are legally required to provide adequate training to their employees.

How Do I Gain a Qualification?
There are many national and local forklift courses available, so it is important that a person consults an accredited and qualified forklift training company that has experience in the industry. You also need to be at least 16 years old to operate forklift trucks.

Why Do I Need a Qualification?
Forklift drivers are responsible for loading and transporting heavy goods across warehouses and factories, and then unloading the products at their desired location. Therefore, a forklift truck driver must have the skills and competency to ensure they perform their duties in a safe and responsible manner, as failure to do so could ultimately cause serious accidents or injuries.

Here at Bexi we stock a range of used forklifts which can also help a person effectively perform duties in a safe and efficient manner. We can provide you with a range of used forklift trucks which look and perform as good as new, including narrow aisle forklifts, Bendi forklift trucks and Flexi forklifts.

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