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How to Adhere to Forklift Truck Regulations

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment regulation is a legal requirement which all employers must adhere to when employing forklift drivers. The law ultimately requires that forklift trucks must be suitable for its function and should only be operated by those who have been trained in the area of use. The manufacturer’s instructions must also be given to all the forklift drivers and the forklift truck should be fitted with the appropriate guarding and controls. It is also imperative that the forklift truck adheres to the written instructions when appropriate.

All forklift drivers must also receive appropriate training from an accredited forklift training provider. Every employee operating a forklift truck must also be physically able to do so. Depots, such as factories and warehouses, must also have a working area that is designed for forklift truck use, as well as pedestrian and forklift crossing points. In some cases, it might be beneficial to incorporate a people prohibited area, and considerations of widths and heights should be accounted for. It is also essential that an employer incorporates clear signs and markings of barriers and structures in areas which are subject to seldom or frequent movements.

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