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Find the Forklift Trucks You Need

It isn’t always easy finding the forklift trucks that you’re looking for. You need a supplier that can meet your budgetary requirements whilst offering forklifts that will perfectly suit your environment, with quality of service and exceptional performance being central to the whole thing. So just how can you find the trucks that you need? Well, coming to us would be a good place to start.

Here at Bexi we’re committed to offering forklifts of the highest quality, with reliability, safety and optimum performance being at the top of the agenda. We specialise in offering used Bendi and Flexi forklifts, but don’t let the “used” tag put you off – every truck we provide has been subject to rigorous safety checks to ensure its suitability and level of performance, so you can be confident in getting a truck that will meet your high standards. But, we know that price is just as important in this industry, and we don’t think you should spend a fortune to get products of such calibre. That’s why we combine our exceptional trucks with even better prices, passing on great savings whilst giving you the quality you expect.

So, if you’re looking for forklifts that will live up to your expectations, make sure to get in touch. Our exceptional product catalogue means you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for to help you save time and money, so take a look around and you could have the trucks you need before you know it.

High Quality Used Fork Lift Trucks

Trying to find the right fork life for the job can sometimes be difficult. If you don’t know where to look, you can end up paying far more for a machine than you need to. Why not take a look at the high quality used fork lift trucks we have for sale here at Bexi? You’ll find all the top brands including Bendi and Flexi.

Plus, if you choose to buy a Bendi forklift from us here at Bexi, it comes with a 1 year Onsite Battery Warrenty as well as a LOLER Certificate good for 1 year and an extended parts and labour warranty good for 3 months.

When you’re looking for a used fork lift you want to find that one is still in great shape and ready for many more hours of use. Here at Bexi, we ensure that any fork lift of ours you purchase has completed all the necessary mechanical health checks. Each fork lift batter has been tested to the highest standards by technical engineers, and you will also have the opportunity to use our Full Part Exchange Programme.

One of the Bendi machines we have for sale is the Bendi BG40 YOM 2007 with Lift Height  of 6050mm. This particular gas fork lift machine has a lift height of 6050 mm and has power steering. It comes with 12 months of LOLER certificate, and part exchanges are welcome.

Visit our homepage to see more great deals on used Bendi and Flexi forklift trucks.

Beginning-to-End Quality from Bexi Engineers

A huge part of what we do isn’t just about making sure the finished product arrives into our collection. We operate a beginning-to-end service because we have faith in our production chain. The used fork lift trucks market is full of cowboys and shoddily repaired machines. Similar to the used car industry in the U.K, if you’re not 100% savvy, you can get taken for a ride (until the welding falls off and that “small rust repair” reveals a cancer of corrosion!) At some point in life we’ve all bought an old banger by accident!

Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed a great deal of this type of behaviour in the used forklift industry. Badly repaired models are sold privately, only to break down, fall apart and harm your return on investment irreparably. We know our clients need to avoid this kind of situation, particularly in the current fiscal climate.

Our range of Bendi and Flexi forklifts have been hand-picked, expertly restored and certified to make sure you get what you pay for. We can offer savings of up to 50% on superb models across the board. There’s a place in the market for everyone, and we’ve found our place helping you access top quality refurbished machines at sensible prices. We don’t really go in for all that wacky-car-salesman talk. We just offer great machines we can vouch for 100% because of the vast sourcing initiative and mechanical skills of our teams.

Stay on the Straight and Narrow with Bexi

We do our best throughout the year to make sure our client base is 100% satisfied with the value, variety and aftercare we offer. Our range of narrow aisle forklifts is comprised of some of the best machines in the business, expertly refurbished and ready for immediate use.

Small Businesses
A huge proportion of our client base fits into the small business trade sector. According to the Financial Times, the number of small businesses and sole traders rose in 2011, and we’re happy to say our Bendi and Flexi forklift trucks fill diverse roles across the entire self-employment spectrum.
Despite the economic downturn, more of our customers than ever are becoming fiscally savvy when it comes to spotting a good deal and saving money. Although highly successful businesses on our books could afford a brand new machine, they visit us because they want the best for their money.

We present our business platform as being very personal and aimed at helping The Little Guy access great deals and the machines needed to fulfil a job. But we also enjoy fantastic corporate relationships based around warehousing and export.

If you think your small business could benefit from investment in a superbly refurbished machine, or maybe your corporate forklift account needs streamlining, get in touch today to discuss product options, test drives and the best forklifts for your budget. We don’t compromise or cut corners, but we do maintain year-round deals and offer great savings to all our clients.

Buying Used Fork Lift Trucks from Bexi

We here at Bexi are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of used fork lift trucks. Our wide selection of forklifts includes models from leading brands such as Bendi and Flexi so we are sure to have something available to suit your needs, regardless of your budget or circumstances.

Buying used models
Buying used models instead of new ones really is a very affordable way of purchasing fork lift trucks, and our competitive pricing can help you to make even further savings still. Furthermore, our qualified experts are always on hand to provide guidance and talk you through your needs so that you can rest assured the model you choose will suit all of your requirements. Of course, you can always come along to our UK offices and have a test drive, just to make sure you’re completely happy.

Naturally, safety is always our main concern and therefore we subject every single one of our used forklifts to comprehensive safety tests and assessments. And, in addition to having a full health and safety assessment and accompanying certificate which is valid for 12 months; all of our forklifts also come complete with a 30 day onsite warranty.

So, regardless of whether you need a nippy forklift for manoeuvring in tight aisles or a robust machine for moving heavy duty pallets; you can be sure that we here at Bexi will have exactly what you’re looking for. Explore our pages further to find out more.

Save Money without Compromising on Performance

Although times may be tough for trade and industry at the moment, there are still ways in which business organisations that need to move heavy items around their premises can make things a little easier for themselves. Indeed, by using a little bit of initiative and taking advantage of the unique benefits that the Internet offers; shrewd business owners can save themselves significant amounts of money.

Oh yeah – how?

One of the easiest ways to save money in any business endeavour is to buy items that are used instead of brand new. Of course, business organisations that need to move heavy items around their premises can apply this methodology to the forklift trucks that they need to purchase to move said items. The difference in price between a brand new forklift and a used one can be as much as 50%, therefore buying a few forklifts or even a fleet at used prices online really can deliver truly outstanding cost savings.

As well as offering very competitive prices, we here at Bexi offer an extensive catalogue of used narrow aisle forklifts and outstandingly friendly and efficient customer service. Furthermore, our top brand Bendi and Flexi forklifts can match the speed of counterbalance trucks and the capacity of reach trucks yet minimise dead aisle space and maximise storage capacity.

So, if you want to save your organisation money but don’t want to compromise on the performance or capability of your forklifts; get in touch with us here at Bexi.

A Little About Us

If you’re looking for high quality very narrow aisle forklift trucks for your business or enterprise at incredibly competitive prices then you’ve come to the right place.

Leading suppliers
We here at Bexi are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of used narrow aisle forklifts that come complete with a comprehensive health and safety check to establish they are mechanically sound and ready for use. Indeed, the health and safety check (LOLER certificate) that we offer with our trucks is carried out by independently accredited inspectors and includes 29 specific points.

British owned company
We are a British owned business that operates throughout Europe from our Birmingham site in the English West Midlands. From here, we supply top brand name narrow aisle forklifts from industry leaders such as Bendi and Flexi to clients all across the UK and Continental Europe.

Additional services
In addition to supplying high quality forklifts, we here at Bexi also offer very competitively-priced services that includes arranged financing, extensive warranties and driver training. Furthermore, we also design, supply, and install warehouse racking.

Not only can we offer substantial cost savings of up to 50%; we can also provide our clients with after sales services that really are second to none. So, if you want to view our great range of forklifts  in greater detail or find out more about our wide range of services; explore our web pages further or call one of our friendly customer advisors now on 0121 344 3366.

What Makes The Bendi Forklift So Great?

Are you looking for used forklift trucks? These are great machines for packing and unpacking purposes in warehouse. While you can buy them brand new, why not buy them used and in great condition from us for a fraction of the cost?

Here are a few of the things that make the Bendi forklift so great. They offer a smaller, narrower truck that easily manoeuvres in very narrow aisles.

They are also useful either outside or inside a warehouse, and great for loading and unloading pallets. Bendi also offers the option of a gas or electric powered truck.

We have several different Bendi forklift options for sale including many different models.

The Bendi BE2056 offers 1500 kilograms weight lift and 5060 millimetre lift height. This particular machine, after a complete rebuild in 2003, has only had 7079 hours of use, and features nearly brand new tires, a complete mechanical and cosmetic overall, and is ready to ship. We have priced it at only £6,250.

Another great Bendi machine is the Bendi BG40 Gas with a 2000kgs Lifting Capacity and  huge 8500mm 3 Stage Full Free Lift Mast and Sideshift. It was manufactured in 2007, and has only covered 1379 hours. This machine also includes tyres that are 90% new.

All of our forklifts, regardless of brand, undergo a a full Health & Safety 29 point check by an independent inspector before shipment. For more information about these and other Bendi machines, check out the the Bendi Truck/Flexi Truck tab on our homepage.

Used forklifts and the small businessman

The success of second-hand sites like freecycle, preloved and gumtree prove that, while times may be hard in business, there are still some easy choices to be made. No-one wants to cut corners when it comes to their business, but we all want to save a little money. By using some initiative and making good use of the internet as a business resource, even in today’s tough market the savvy business owner can save money. We think that buying used forklift trucks from us is one way of doing just that. We offer friendly, efficient customer service, good used prices on quality products, and a comprehensive and up-to-date catalogue of used forklift trucks.

Buying used can be daunting, but finding a trusted retailer specialising in what you’re looking for can minimise anxiety. You know your business best, and we know ours. So if you want to do more than just save money- such as top-quality advice, as well as prompt service and plenty of industry know-how, we think you’re in the right place.

If you’ve got increased productivity and better business in mind, consider a narrow aisle forklift. Our best bendi and flexi models have the speed of a counterbalance truck and the capacity of a reach truck, but can still decrease dead aisle space and maximise storage capacity. Not only that, but buying used from us ensures you a hefty discount. How’s that for an easy choice in hard times?

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