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With foreclosures and businesses closing down making the headlines all over the UK, it’s easy to be concerned about the fate of the UK’s SME businesses. And while that is bad news the booming businesses are nothing if not practical, so instead of worrying about the economy, the right move is to start looking around for used Bendi Forklifts or used Flexi Forklift trucks for sale.

Buying online and from an accredited dealer like Bexi whom are specialists in Used Bendi Forklifts and Used Flexi Forklifts will guarantee a proper articulated forklift truck with parts and labour warranties and battery warranties as standard but also inclusive of a money back guarantee.

In summary investing now in a Used Bendi or Used Flexi Forklift could save thousands of pounds in warehousing space and productivity during a rocky economic climate.


Batteries on your Used Bendi Forklift or Used Flexi Forklift are very important and increasing are becoming one of the most overlooked components in terms of maintenance. What this points to is that a lot of batteries will expire before their time is up, and the cost of replacing these batteries can be very expensive. We offer a few tips that will help extend the battery on your articulated forklift.

Replacing the Water

  • Use clean water with as small a mineral content as possible on your used bendi or used flexi truck.
  • Confirm each cell has water in it.
  • You should not overfill the battery cells with water place above the plates only around 1 inch.

Charging the Battery

  • Always charge the battery at its lowest point, say around 10% as overcharging can shorten a battery lifespan.
  • Do not leave your Bendi Truck or Flexi Truck for over a month without charging as this will reduce the lifespan and permantly reduce performance. You should charge it once a week minimum.

Used Bendi Forklift Trucks and Used Flexi Forklift Trucks Batteries are not cheap and replacing them can be expensive, we advise you do the above preventative maintenance as standard and this will help your battery lifeframe.


If you are not experienced in buying used Bendi forklift trucks or used Flexi trucks, here are some of our top tips to help you get started -

  1. Think for the long term - A used bendi forklift or used flexi forklift will be a substantial investment for your business. How might your business needs change over the coming years ?
  2. Consider which type of used articulated forklift is going to be the most appropriate for your needs – gas or electric ? will it be all indoor or in and outdoors ?
  3. Do a thorough check of the weights you are lifing and to what heights ? Assume nothing when making a desision about weights.
  4. Will you be better funding your used Bendi or used Flexi truck by buying outright or lease purchasing.
  5. Age doesn’t wont be the most important factor when buying a used articulated forklift truck. What is inportant are the working hours and the condition of the battery. As a reputable specialist dealer will give every machine a full service and thorough check prior to delivery.
  6. How will you maintan your used bendi or used flexi truck ?

Uncertainty of Thorough Examination Responsibilities

Nationwide research has revealed that over 80% of supervisors and managers surveyed incorrectly hold their materials handling provider at least partially accountable for ensuring their Used Bendi or Used Flexi Forklift truck holds a current Report of Thorough Examination.

Alarmingly, 30% of surveyed people who look after operations and warehousing of one or more Bendi or Flexi fork lift trucks, believed that their service provider as the truck’s owner would be solely responsible for this essential task. This is not the case.

It is important to note that when a truck is leased or rented on a long-term basis, this responsibility remains with the employer of the driver.  He or she must make certain that a current and valid Thorough Examination Certificate is in place and available for inspection. Any change to this, making the maintenance service provider responsible, should be included in the maintenance contract.

There is a requirement under PUWER 98 for all work equipment to be regularly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and under LOLER 98 for lifting equipment to be thoroughly examined to ensure it remains in a safe condition.

Fork lift truck users should ensure that their lift trucks have been thoroughly examined by a Competent Person within the previous 12 months (or sooner depending on the operational conditions).


Bexi is pleased to announce that it will have its new 10,000sqft showroom available from mid December. This be fully functional from 1st January 2013. This will enable the stock of Used Bendi Forklifts and Used Flexi Forklifts to grow 10 fold. We pride ourselves on keeping our website live with all our current Bendi Forklifts and Flexi Forklifts. Bexi’s expansion is concluding a very sucesssful year for us and the future is bright or should i say giving you the chioce. This new warehousing space will offer all our retail ready Bendi Forklifts and Flexi Used Forklift. Please remember to keep a check on our website as our stock list is live and moves in and out daily, but should you not find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.


Like a lot of companies yours probably relies on used bendi forklifts or used flexi forklifts in order to function properly. Without the bendi forklift or flexi forklifts, your company will grind to a halt.

However, it is critical that any company follows a safe working procedure. If not this could lead to many accidents and injuries. Our guide to using flexi trucks or bendi trucks will aid this proceedure.

As an example you should make sure that all drivers of the articulated forklift trucks have undertaken the necessary level of used bendi forklift truck training or used flexi forklift truck training. If they havent then may may not be able to use the trucks properly and could therefore be in danger of making mistakes and causing injury.

Bexi believe it is vital as a company to put in place rules which govern the way in which bendi and flexi drivers move around your warehouses.

Having clearly defined paths throughout the warehouse can be very helpful.

Bexi supply quality used bendi forklifts and quality used flexi forklifts at a competitive price. All used bendi forklifts adn used flexi forklifts come with a health and saftey certificate.


In the marketplace today there are many different types of articulated forklifts, this is great news for you the customer as you should be able to find a used bendi or used flexi forklift that meet your practical requirements perfectly.

Used bendi forklifts and used flexi forklifts are the main players in the articulated forklit industry. These trucks are designed with aa array of benefits, here at Bexi we offer a a wide range of used bendi forklifts and used flexi forklifts.

The main benefits of these used forklifts are to help businesses to get the most from their storage areas. In certain cases used Bendi forklifts and used flexi forklifts can increase your warehouse capacity by up to 30 per cent.

If you wish to purchase a used bendi forklift or a used flexi forklift then bexi is the place we offer a one-year onsite battery warranty, as well as a one-year LOLER Certificate, three-month extended parts and labour warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee which cannot be matched throughout or industry.

Please visit our website to view all used bendi and used flexi forklift trucks.

Bexi Helping You Choose

Bexi will help you make the right choice for used Bendi forklifts and Used Flexi Forklift Trucks

If you are looking for a used Bendi Forklift or used Flexi Forklift there are few questions you need to answer before making your choice. There are 2 main types of used bendi and used flexi forklifts gas or electric but below we also offer a quick checklist which will make your choice easier and more benefical.

The list to help you select the ideal used bendi forklift or used flexi forklift is as follows - How heavy and what size are the typical loads you will need to move around the warehouse? What types of pallets will you be using euros or standards ? and how high does the load need to be lifted ? Is the forklift for indoor or outdoor use, or perhaps both ? If indoors, how wide are the narrowest of the aisles in the warehouse and what is my pallet to pallet measurement ? and finally, how many hours during the day will you be operating the forklift ?

Once you have narrowed this down, making the choice from Bexi will be a lot easier.

The Value of Flexibility with Flexi Trucks

The value of flexibility in business cannot be underestimated. Without an ability to be versatile, you won’t be able to meet any future changes in your market. Across every level of your company flexibility should be built in, from the executive desk to the warehouse.

Warehouses now need to be adaptable spaces, and therefore able to alter their layouts in keeping with current product demand. This element of versatility makes it harder for traditional forklift trucks to navigate the warehouse environment. However, there are modern alternatives, such as Flexi trucks, which are designed with modern warehouses in mind.

A Flexi fork lift is articulated, which means that it is much more adept at navigating in narrow spaces. We might think of warehouses as very open spaces, however when packed with shelves and shelves of products, space can be constrained, and an articulated forklift beneficial.

Flexi forklifts are known as narrow aisle forklift trucks. This means that they are capable of navigating narrow aisles, and if you choose Flexi G4, the most popular articulated fork lift in Europe, then you can be sure it will be able to travel even in the narrowest of warehouse constraints.

The Flexi Factor

Flexi forklifts are world renowned for their suitability and flexibility. So, whether you need one to enhance a warehouse space, or just something to better handle pallet deliveries, the very best is Flexi.

Adapting to Limited Warehouse Space with Bendi and Flexi Trucks

Commercial property doesn’t come cheap and so, like many firms, you might have to cope with a limited amount of warehouse space. Shelling out for larger premises may place too much strain on your finances, storing up trouble in the long-term.

To operate successfully in cramped conditions like this, it’s important that you have access to the very best articulated forklift trucks. By choosing the perfect models for your storage area, you can optimise your use of space.

Keeping a tight rein on your finances

The prospect of being able to move to more spacious premises might seem very distant at present. After all, economic conditions remain tough and for many companies, it’s a case of battening down the hatches and adopting a cautious approach.

Indeed, last month saw further bad news for enterprises, with the Office for National Statistics revealing that UK GDP fell by 0.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2012. This was the second successive drop in growth, meaning the country officially went into recession.

Tough times

Responding to the figures, prime minister David Cameron said they were “very, very disappointing”. Meanwhile, chancellor George Osborne added:  “It’s a very tough economic situation. It’s taking longer than anyone hoped to recover from the biggest debt crisis of our lifetime – even after the recent fall in unemployment.”

According to the politician, the economic woes around Europe are hampering Britain’s recovery.

The savvy approach

During times like this, it’s important to avoid adopting a fatalistic approach. By being proactive and seeking to improve the ways in which your firm functions, you can significantly boost your chances of long-term survival and success.

For example, by investing in superb vehicles like Bendi forklift trucks, you may be able to boost your warehouse capacity, which is great news for your bottom line.

How we can help

Here at Bexi we go out of our way to offer a superb range of vehicles like this and should have just what you’re after. By purchasing the ideal trucks for your company, you might be able to boost your warehouse capacity by up to 30 per cent.

For example, our Flexi trucks can operate in aisles as small as 1,750mm. By using narrow aisles like this, you can increase the amount of stock you hold in your warehouse.

A great deal

Of course, if you’re operating on a limited budget, you’ll be keen to make the most of the best deals around. By sourcing the vehicles from us, you can benefit from savings of up to 50 per cent.

Meanwhile, we pride ourselves on offering superb quality used trucks and on the standard of our after sales care. So, when you purchase a vehicle from us, you can rest assured you’ll be more than pleased with the results.

Find out more

If you’re keen to find out more about what we have to offer, simply take a look around our website or get in touch with our friendly and professional team.  By calling us, you can discuss your requirements in detail. Meanwhile, you might even want to come along to one of our centrally located offices so you can see our impressive range of stock for yourself.

Finding The Right Forklift Trucks

Need forklift trucks for you business but don’t think you can afford the top name brands? Think again! Here at Bexi we sell high quality used Bendi forklift trucks and Flexi trucks at great, reduced prices. Now you can afford the very best for your business after all.

We only sell the very best used fork lift trucks. They are all high quality brands that still have a lot of good use in them. We check them over carefully to find any problems that need fixing, and carry out full health and safety checks on them before they are sold.

An example of one of the Flexi trucks we have available is the Flexi G3 YOM. This fork lift has only 1177 hours on it, a lift height of 6,600 mm, power steering, a side shift, and 12 months LOLER certificate is supplied with purchase.

We also have many more high quality, used Flexi forklift trucks available for purchase. If you prefer Bendi fork lifts, here are some examples of those that we have for sale.
You might like the Bendi BG40 YOM truck with only 5532.6  hours of work on it. This truck was manufactured in 2007, and has a 6050 mm 3 stage full free lift mast, side shift, power steering, a seat belt, and dual inside/outside capability.
To see more of our Bendi and Flexi used forklift trucks for sale, visit the Bexi home page. For further information about any of our trucks, contact us via the form on our website.

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