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Before any final decision to spend a considerable sum of money on a Used Bendi Forklift Truck or Used Flexi Forklift Truck, take a few moments to consider the alternatives. It’s possible to buy used flexi forklifts or used bendi forklifts, and here on our Bexi website you will find some great ideas.

Lots of people who have to buy articulated forklifts have a preconceived idea about what they will be getting if they buy a second hand machine. You may think that it will be worn out and not up to the job, but a quick look at what we have to offer in used articulated forklifts. All of our used bendi and flexi trucks are high quality, and come with a one year guarantee, which means you not only save money but have peace of mind that you are covered in the unlikely event that there is a problem.

Have a look at what we can offer, and if you need any advice or more information, get in touch with us and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.


Batteries on your Used Bendi Forklift or Used Flexi Forklift are very important and increasing are becoming one of the most overlooked components in terms of maintenance. What this points to is that a lot of batteries will expire before their time is up, and the cost of replacing these batteries can be very expensive. We offer a few tips that will help extend the battery on your articulated forklift.

Replacing the Water

  • Use clean water with as small a mineral content as possible on your used bendi or used flexi truck.
  • Confirm each cell has water in it.
  • You should not overfill the battery cells with water place above the plates only around 1 inch.

Charging the Battery

  • Always charge the battery at its lowest point, say around 10% as overcharging can shorten a battery lifespan.
  • Do not leave your Bendi Truck or Flexi Truck for over a month without charging as this will reduce the lifespan and permantly reduce performance. You should charge it once a week minimum.

Used Bendi Forklift Trucks and Used Flexi Forklift Trucks Batteries are not cheap and replacing them can be expensive, we advise you do the above preventative maintenance as standard and this will help your battery lifeframe.


Bexi’s website will offer you choice, you can buy a used bendi forklift or a used forklift, please browse and stop looking at other sites for used used bendi forklifts or used flexi forklifts. Here at Bexi we pride ourselves in supplying the very best in second hand used bendi of used flexi forklifts which are in excellent condition, and come with a one year guarantee bateery warranty and 3 months extended parts and labour warranty. This is just one reasons why we are proud of our reputation when it comes to everything to do with used articulated forklift trucks.

Lots of companies throughout the UK have taken advantage of our services and products, so why not join the ever growing list of our clients who have chosen to use bexi and bought used bendi of used flexi forklifts from us at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

As you will see when you look through our bexi website that we specialise in used bendi trucks or used flexi trucks, these used articulated trucks are ideal for working in a warehouse which has narrow aisles.


Training Regulation Statistics

There are many hundreds of thousands of workers in the UK which could be at risk of a serious accident due to inadequate training in working near used bendi or flexi forklifts and most other used forklift. These findings were revealed by the Fork Lift Truck Association every year, at least 5 employees are killed by forklifts and at least 500 are hospitalised with major injuries including amputations and crushing. Over 3000 thousand more suffer accidents requiring at least three days’ recovery or hosiptol time. Data from the Office for National Statistics discovered that one in 12 UK employees regularly works near used forklifts, but fewer than half of these receive the minimum recommended training for their job.

Bexi Limited will run in house and onsite courses at extremely affordable prices to promote not only safer working environments, but offer a complete understanding of how used bendi and used flexi forklift can help the business but also it will make sure this inadequate training practise is eliminated and eradicated.

Get the Job Done with the Right Forklift Trucks

Forklift trucks are an essential component in a whole range of different industries, but it’s important you’re getting the right one to suit the job in hand. Different warehouses will always have slightly different requirements so it’s vital you’ve got a supplier to meet your needs, and if you want to make sure you’ve got the forklift to suit you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Bexi we’ve got an extensive catalogue of Bendi and Flexi forklifts on offer, and with so many different models to choose from you’re bound to find one that meets your every requirement. There are a number of factors that could determine the type of forklift you’ll need with the amount of space you’ve got being a vital consideration—it might be necessary to look for narrow aisle forklifts or those with short mast heights to allow for easy manoeuvring in confined spaces, for example—whilst lift height and capacity will be other important aspects.

It all comes down to choosing the right truck to suit your particular working environment, and if you’d like to discuss your needs just get in touch. We’re confident that we’ll have the perfect truck to accommodate your individual requirements and with everything in stock being in excellent condition yet at great value for money you can keep an eye on the budget as well, so if you’re looking for the right truck to get the job done just get in touch today and see what we can do.

Navigate the Aisles with Ease

Warehouses of all kinds can be difficult to navigate sometimes, but it becomes even trickier when the aisles are narrow. It’s essential you’re able to get around quickly yet safely in order to ensure productivity and total efficiency at every step of the way, but as with anything, that can only be achieved if you’ve got the right products to accommodate. Choosing forklift trucks that will suit your environment will be central to the whole thing, and in many cases opting for narrow aisle forklifts will be ideal.

Forklifts of this kind have been specifically designed to navigate the narrow aisles of many warehouses, providing a convenient and wholly effective solution to your requirements. The Flexi range of forklifts will be particularly suitable, with their G3 model being able to work in aisles as small as 1800mm making it perfect for even the smallest of warehouses. Having narrower aisles can increase space and therefore the amount of stock you’re able to hold, so if you’re thinking of re-organising your warehouse then investing in this range of forklifts would be the perfect solution.

If you’re looking for a supplier that can accommodate your requirements, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Bexi we specialise in offering this brand of forklifts, and because we supply used models, you can get the quality you need at a price you can afford. Our forklifts will help you navigate those narrow aisles with ease, so make sure to consider the G3 and you could have a truck that meets your every requirement.

Stay on the Straight and Narrow with Bexi

We do our best throughout the year to make sure our client base is 100% satisfied with the value, variety and aftercare we offer. Our range of narrow aisle forklifts is comprised of some of the best machines in the business, expertly refurbished and ready for immediate use.

Small Businesses
A huge proportion of our client base fits into the small business trade sector. According to the Financial Times, the number of small businesses and sole traders rose in 2011, and we’re happy to say our Bendi and Flexi forklift trucks fill diverse roles across the entire self-employment spectrum.
Despite the economic downturn, more of our customers than ever are becoming fiscally savvy when it comes to spotting a good deal and saving money. Although highly successful businesses on our books could afford a brand new machine, they visit us because they want the best for their money.

We present our business platform as being very personal and aimed at helping The Little Guy access great deals and the machines needed to fulfil a job. But we also enjoy fantastic corporate relationships based around warehousing and export.

If you think your small business could benefit from investment in a superbly refurbished machine, or maybe your corporate forklift account needs streamlining, get in touch today to discuss product options, test drives and the best forklifts for your budget. We don’t compromise or cut corners, but we do maintain year-round deals and offer great savings to all our clients.

Do I Need a Qualification to Operate a Forklift?

It is against the law for anyone to operate a forklift truck without a qualification, as it is imperative that a person learns the basics of using a forklift to ensure they operate this machinery safely and effectively. Anyone that operates a forklift truck without an accredited qualification is ultimately breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act, as employers are legally required to provide adequate training to their employees.

How Do I Gain a Qualification?
There are many national and local forklift courses available, so it is important that a person consults an accredited and qualified forklift training company that has experience in the industry. You also need to be at least 16 years old to operate forklift trucks.

Why Do I Need a Qualification?
Forklift drivers are responsible for loading and transporting heavy goods across warehouses and factories, and then unloading the products at their desired location. Therefore, a forklift truck driver must have the skills and competency to ensure they perform their duties in a safe and responsible manner, as failure to do so could ultimately cause serious accidents or injuries.

Here at Bexi we stock a range of used forklifts which can also help a person effectively perform duties in a safe and efficient manner. We can provide you with a range of used forklift trucks which look and perform as good as new, including narrow aisle forklifts, Bendi forklift trucks and Flexi forklifts.

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