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Beginning-to-End Quality from Bexi Engineers

A huge part of what we do isn’t just about making sure the finished product arrives into our collection. We operate a beginning-to-end service because we have faith in our production chain. The used fork lift trucks market is full of cowboys and shoddily repaired machines. Similar to the used car industry in the U.K, if you’re not 100% savvy, you can get taken for a ride (until the welding falls off and that “small rust repair” reveals a cancer of corrosion!) At some point in life we’ve all bought an old banger by accident!

Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed a great deal of this type of behaviour in the used forklift industry. Badly repaired models are sold privately, only to break down, fall apart and harm your return on investment irreparably. We know our clients need to avoid this kind of situation, particularly in the current fiscal climate.

Our range of Bendi and Flexi forklifts have been hand-picked, expertly restored and certified to make sure you get what you pay for. We can offer savings of up to 50% on superb models across the board. There’s a place in the market for everyone, and we’ve found our place helping you access top quality refurbished machines at sensible prices. We don’t really go in for all that wacky-car-salesman talk. We just offer great machines we can vouch for 100% because of the vast sourcing initiative and mechanical skills of our teams.

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