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Narrow Aisle Forklifts

When you have a cramped warehouse or stockroom, you need a narrow aisle forklift that can easily and smoothly manoeuvre the aisles without any danger of damaging or knocking over goods, crates, etc.

Here at Bexi, we have a wide range of used forklift trucks including many narrow aisle choices that are perfect for your warehouses.

An example of one of the best narrow aisle, used forklift trucks for sale is the Bendi Aislemaster 9000 mm with lift height YOM. This fork lift truck was manufactured in 2004, and is an articulated gas forklift with only 6450 hours of work. It features a full free lift mast and sideshift.

This is just one of the many great Bendi forklifts we have for sale. We also have a wide selection of Flexi forklift trucks for sale.

A great example of one of our Flexi trucks is the Flexi G3 YOM 2004. This machine has a mere 267 hours of work on it. You won’t find a truck with so few hours for such a great price anywhere else.

This truck also features battery electricity, 2000 kg capacity, 8610 mm lift, 1.80 aisle width, dual inside and outside capability, comfortable seating position, full hydraulic power steering, large solid tyres, and more.

To learn more about these and many other forklifts we have for sale, visit the Bexi homepage. You can also get in touch by ringing us on: 0121 344 3366, or by filling out our handy online contact form.

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