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Save Money without Compromising on Performance

Although times may be tough for trade and industry at the moment, there are still ways in which business organisations that need to move heavy items around their premises can make things a little easier for themselves. Indeed, by using a little bit of initiative and taking advantage of the unique benefits that the Internet offers; shrewd business owners can save themselves significant amounts of money.

Oh yeah – how?

One of the easiest ways to save money in any business endeavour is to buy items that are used instead of brand new. Of course, business organisations that need to move heavy items around their premises can apply this methodology to the forklift trucks that they need to purchase to move said items. The difference in price between a brand new forklift and a used one can be as much as 50%, therefore buying a few forklifts or even a fleet at used prices online really can deliver truly outstanding cost savings.

As well as offering very competitive prices, we here at Bexi offer an extensive catalogue of used narrow aisle forklifts and outstandingly friendly and efficient customer service. Furthermore, our top brand Bendi and Flexi forklifts can match the speed of counterbalance trucks and the capacity of reach trucks yet minimise dead aisle space and maximise storage capacity.

So, if you want to save your organisation money but don’t want to compromise on the performance or capability of your forklifts; get in touch with us here at Bexi.

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